Energy C

Energy C

The Energy C Anti-ageing solution by Mesoestetic.

Antioxidant line containing a high concentration of vitamin C for an amazing brightening effect. This range helps to combat the first signs of aging. The line consists of 3 homecare products and one professional in-salon treatment.

Vitamin C is a preventative ingredient against skin aging. When applied topically, it remains on the skin for 48 hours thereby having 30 times more therapeutic effect of oral vitamin C.

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 Energy C Products


Intensive Cream

Stage 1 Anti-ageing Cream

Addresses the signs of aging, unifies the skin tone, counteracts the harmful effect of UV Rays.

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Eye Contour Cream

Energising and Brightening

Gradually removes signs of tiredness.  Counteracts the appearance of the first signs of wrinkles. Cumulative action again dark circles.

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Energy C Complex

Antioxidant Intensive Treatment

Stimulates skin’s ability to protect against free radicals. Ultra Concentrated vitamin C is encapsulated in a protective cap to keep properties unaltered until use.