Mesopeels Summary


Mesoestetic solution:
Mesopeel is the most advanced range of specific chemical peels, designed for dermo-cosmetic professionals requiring safe, efficient products that are easy to use and control. The range enables the clinic to treat hyperpigmentation, the signs of aging skin, acne and its sequelae, stretch marks and many other imperfections. Mesopeel ensues unbeatable, progessive results for facial and body treatments by combining a variety of high-quality chemical agents. They are classified into 2 families mono substance peels using hydroxy acids and trichloroacetic acids in varying concentrations. Combination peels are exclusive peels to mesoestetic with precise combinations of chemo exfoliates. These synergistic associations of substances are a practical solution for treating the most specific and common aesthetic concerns such as hyperpigmentation, acne, aging etc, maximising the qualities of each agent to offer a global result.

These peels offer adaptability to select the most suitable peel and its concentration individually to fine tune the effects of exfoliation, session after session, for exponential and personalised results. Mesopeel products are combinable, they can be administered as multi-layers in a single session or can be applied over consecutive sessions.

Visible, immediate and progressive results obtained in a controlled and safe manner.