MesoPeel Products

MesoPeel Products


mesopeel glycolic

for all skin types available in 20%,35%,50% & 75%


mesopeel lactic

sensitive, dry, fine and/or dull skin types
Available in 30%,40% & 50%


mesopeel salicylic

greasy, acne-prone and/or seborrhoeic skin
Available in 10%, 20% & 30%


mesopeel mandelic

thick, greasy, seborrhoeic skins and/or with dyschromia
Available in 30%,40%&50%


mesopeel TCA

skin aging
Available in 15% & 35%

Mesopeel: Combined Peels


mesopeel melanostop tran3x

Depigmenting peeling with a complex formula that accelerates epidermal renewal for removal of melanin build up on the surface. It provides visible improvement in tone and luminosity.
Azelaic 20%
10% resorcinol
6% phytic Acid
3% tranexamic acid


mesopeel melanoplus

Focal use peel. Melanic spots, lentigos, hyperpigmentation
20% TCA
Kojic Acid 4%
Ferulic Acid 1%
Bexaretinyl complex


mesopeel azelan

all phases of acne Comedonic and/or inflammatory acne, seborrheic dermatitis, acne scarring, PIH from acne scarring, actinic keratosis, rosacea.
Azelaic acid 20%
Salicylic Acid 20%


mesopeel modified jessner

Stage 1 & II skin aging, solar lentigos, uneven skin tone, menopausal acne or ance of hormonal origin.
salicylic acid 14%
Lactic acid 14%
Citric 8%


mesopeel piruvex

stage 11 & IV skin ageing, epidermal pigmentation, medium to deep acne scarring.
Pyruvic acid 40%
Lactic acid 10%