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Multidimensional depigmenting program for unique efficient results with tranexamic acid.

The new mesoestetic program is based on the power of tranexamic acid, which has a depigmenting efficacy of high tolerance and acts on the vascular and inflammatory component that characterises multiple hyperpigmentation. Through this action, it can counteract post-inflammatory pigmentation after aggressive treatments.

Tranexamic acid: 3 synergistic dimensions. Its innovative mechanism of action acts on keratinocytes {fig1} inhibiting the release of melanocyte stimulating agents and factors triggering the inflammatory and vascular process: prostaglandins {PG} and endothelin-1 {ET-1}





Melan tranx3 daily depigmenting gel cream

Depigmenting cream for daily use that acts gradually on epidermal dark spots to give a more uniform skin

Tran3X Concentrate 1


Melan tranx3 intensive depigmenting concentrate

Intensive depigmenting agent for daily use that acts on excess epidermal pigmentation by reducing the formed melanin and visibly reducing dark spots.


Tran3X prof and home lineup

Professional Treatment Modular Selection

Tranx3 is an innovative, modular programe that combines several treatment categories for a flexible, integral depigmentation action that allows it to act on hyperpigmentation at several depths. Minimally invasive.It allows combining different methods to modulate depigmenting intensity