About Advanced Derma Care

Welcome to Advanced Derma Care

Advanced Derma Care distributes cosmeceutical skincare and technology devices. We partner with Beauty Clinics, Appearance Medicine Nurses and Cosmetic Surgeons throughout New Zealand.

Founded to deliver new science and new technology within a new way of working we develop bespoke relationships with both our Clinics and Manufacturing Supply partners. Our founding principles of ‘INTEGRITY – QUALITY – RESULTS’ are enshrined in our DNA and directs every business decision and every care for our customers. Our approach is holistic and consultative to deliver growth. When you grow, we grow.

Supported by a bespoke and innovative business model which has delivered extraordinary success for our customers and our company. Our growth has been recognized with amazement overseas – good old NZ punching above its weight !!

Always Leading – Never Following

Leading Skincare & Technology: Brands that are the first, the innovators, the science leaders – driven by  R&D to future-proof the industry.

Leading Training: Excellence in training is a cornerstone of how we work.

Leading Service: Have you noticed how every business has experienced change recently – and are some businesses structured to ride that wave not catch up to it ?

Leading clinic profitability: Low expenses and maximum margins. Even standing still you are better off – imagine what happens when you grow !

We invite the conversation to demonstrate the HOW with you …





We only supply cosmeceutical product ranges chosen for their scientifically proven, medically endorsed, peer-reviewed published research papers.

All other products are judged for their efficacy:- researched active ingredients, and longevity in the industry.

You will experience:

– World Leading training that can we customise using one of our various training platforms.

– Due care and respect for every size of clinic. Exploring and developing a concise fit of the right products with the right clinics giving the right results for your demographics

– The opportunity to add value to your clinic if and where you need us to help. We work with you to establish that fit and we work together to decide the pace. Start small and let the quality fo the brands grow themselves or jump in deep and enjoy a lift in your net margin. We have any clinics that have proven both ways to approach it – is up to you, it is your business after all and it is our pleasure to be of service because quite simply we know what we do works based on the growth of our clinics.

– Technology device back up: We have a backup machine for every piece of equipment we sell – it can be made available to you at no cost should for any reason your technology device require attention during the warranty period.  Post warranty there would be a nominal fee to have a backup machine on site so you don’t lose valuable revenue.

You will not experience:

– Demand for large opening orders

-Pressure to be a pure single brand clinic

-Ongoing costs for training or additional support



Our products speak for themselves.

Quality business discussions make careful use of your time, we know your time is valuable and we will not waste it.  You only speak with experienced professionals. Our Business Development Managers are all qualified beauty therapists, you don’t talk to any inexperienced reps, your interaction is with an engaged professional team with 50+ years of beauty experience collectively. Actively involved in businesses of their own they enjoy learning and sharing their business and industry experience.

We respect your business with us and want to deliver a warm and value-driven experience when you receive your parcel from us. We want to see a smile as you open the package and see someone cared about getting your order to you with the respect it and the product deserves.

Comprehensive customer care systems at ADC. Considered and experienced approach, we will guide you through the consultation process and consideration if we are a good fit for each other.

World Leading training that can we customized using various platforms.

Quality Customer Care – it is about you : no cost deliveries below $150, minimum hassle credits, flexible payment terms, flexible credit terms. Discuss how we can help and expect us to find a way.


Your client’s satisfaction – based on the efficacy of the products and our training to help you maximize outcomes for each of your clients.

Your clinic’s profitability – assisted by very competitive margins we provide.

For ADC – our success starts with your clinic’s success.

Creation of new directions to build your business forward.

Payment – opening order, credit terms, mutual growth all lead to INCREASED spend.