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Forlle’d innovative and patented ingredients and technology.


One of the most promising directions in modern aesthetic medicine is creating non-invasive products that will improve the properties of the skin. Developing such products is a complicated process that involves a great amount of research, a range of qualified experts as well as using the most innovative technology and carefully selected ingredients. An example of such a physiological, effective and safe approach to skin treating therapies are Forlle’d products.


The Forlle’d Method

The Forlle’d method is based on combining patented ultra-low molecular ingredients with the unique delivery system, which enables Forlle’d laboratory to produce highly effective formulas that regenerate, rejuvenate and restore the skin without the need of injections.

The Forlle’d Innovative Delivery System (FINDS) consisting of a complex of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid with ionized minerals, helps transport active ingredients noninvasively to all layers of the skin without disturbing its integrity, to deeply moisturize and enhance the skin’s natural regeneration and immunity.

Thanks to FINDS, a 70% penetration rate of active ingredients can be observed in all layers of the skin within 8 hours of application. This has been proven by an independent source study, leading to observable and long-lasting results for the skin.

The combination of the Forlle’d Innovative Delivery System with the unique low molecular weight active ingredients in Forlle’d products work synergistically at skin epidermis and dermis to fight skin aging in major directions:


  • Dermis Regeneration and Cell Renewal
  • Skin Protection and Lipid Barrier Repair
  • Sustaining Mineral Balance
  • Face microbiome protection
  • Inner Hydration and Physiological Biostimulation
  • Detoxification and Protection From Free Radicals

FINDS | FORLLE’D Delivery System

Low Molecular Ionized Platinum

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