Hygiene Range

Hygiene Range


Hydracream Fusion

Hydracream fusion combines the powers of Bio Balancing and Anti Pollution with a nourishing cleanser. The texture is a cream that becomes an oil when contacted with the skin. This cleanser is approved by Eco Certification.

Brightening Foam

Brightening Foam

Creamy cleansing foam combines the power of bio-balancing, Anti-Pollution with renewing properties of glycolic and Lactic acids. A gel-cream formulation.

Purifying Mousse 1

Purifying Mousse

Balancing cleanser combining bio balancing, antipollution with purifying powers of Chlorhexidine, Salicylic and lactic acids. Light foam texture

Meso Micellar Biphasic

Micellar Biphasic

Biphasic make-up remover with high tolerance for eyes and lips. Combines bio balancing, anti-pollution. The micelles by affinity encapsulated dirt oils ,make-up effectively by trapping themselves in the micelles itself. Rich in Omega 6 to provide elasticity and smoothness to eyes and lips.


hydratonic 600x600


Bio-balancing, antipollution, moisturising facial mist toner. Moisturising, regenerating and smoothing with rose water and pro vitamin B5. Completes facial hygiene and potentiates the balance of the skin microbiota for all skin types.


Mesoestetic Ultimate Micropeel grande

Ultimate Micropeel

Micro-exfoliating treatment that exerts a smooth renewing action on the skin surface to remove dead cells, refine texture, smooth out imperfections and immediately enhance facial radiance.