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Gentlemen’s Tonic is an international and award-winning luxury spa, grooming and hair concept proudly founded in the heart of Mayfair, London in 2004. Since our launch, we have become synonymous with style and luxury and delivering a high-quality service to a worldly and discerning client base.

Our philosophy is simple- we endeavour to provide the perfect antidote to the stresses and strains of modern life, providing treatments and products that revive, invigorate and promote wellbeing. Highly trained, friendly and professional staff deliver a truly unique experience in an environment that is both private and personal. Marrying traditional services with modern techniques, Gentlemen’s Tonic delivers bespoke treatments that meet our client’s very specific needs.

Gentlemen’s Tonic is also a pioneer in both retail and professional products offering an award-winning selection of grooming products as well as the most scientifically advanced anti-ageing cosmeceutical range ever developed. Our professional products are already used by many of the world’s most recognised and luxurious five-star and boutique hotels and spas while both its Babassu & Bergamot line as well as Advanced Derma-Care range is also sold in the most prestigious apothecaries, perfumeries and department stores globally, all specifically developed and formulated solely with men’s skin in mind.


A Gentlemen’s Skin & Hair

  • The average man shaves 20,000 times in his lifetime
  • Shaving is a daily assault that can lead to dry and sensitive skin which can cause aging
  • Often shaving is performed using products which contain a cocktail of chemicals and preservatives that dries out their skin even more
  • Male facial skin is thicker which makes it harder for active ingredients to penetrate and therefore specific formulations are necessary
  • Ingrown hairs are more common with men, particularly because of shaving but can also be caused by improper hygiene, product choice and tight clothing
  • Razor burn is a common rash where men experience, and symptoms include sensitivity appearing straight after shaving because of poor quality shaving products and razors
  • Men tend to sweat more than women
  • Irregular care; men tend to be less routine based with their skin and hair regime.
  • Men’s hair products tend to be harsh and with men washing their hair more frequently the net result is the loss of vital nutrients including protein

Babassu & Bergamot Range

Product Range Development:

  • Products were developed to meet the growing demand for effective and high-quality skin and haircare products that are specific to men’s needs
  • 3 years of development by one of the UK’s leading product formulators
  • The range is developed and produced entirely in the UK
  • Now exported to more than 80 countries

The product range exudes a clean, fresh and sophisticated smell while the packaging is smart, stylish and classic. It consists of naturally based plant-derived materials from sustained and renewable resources that are specifically formulated for men’s skin and hair needs. It does not contain any chemical preservatives or harmful chemical additives or anything which is unnecessary and not beneficial to skin, hair and the environment.

Gentlemen’s Tonic Babassu & Bergamot Products are free from:
  • Parabens – used commonly as a preservative in skin and hair care, however is also a skin irritant, often causing skin allergies such as eczema and is believed by some in the science community to be carcinogenic
  • Petroleum Derivatives- these are chemicals derived from petrol-based products that strip skin tissue of important oils and minerals and are commonly found in skin and hair care products
  • Artificial Colours- often added to skin and hair care products to achieve visually perfect creams and lotions but are synthetics that may cause allergic reactions
  • Synthetic Perfumes- these are surprisingly toxic and have no real therapeutic value to the products themselves. Fragrances are listed in ingredients as “Parfum (fragrance)” which is the international labelling standard. We list any known essential oil allergens on packaging also.
  • Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulphates – found in many skincare products and commonly used as a foaming agent, yet are also skin irritants that cause many different types of skin allergies including eczema
  • DEA- a foaming agent which can cause allergies and irritation, releasing a small amount of formaldehyde when it degrades
  • Animal Extracts
  • Any Harmful Chemical Additives

Advanced Derma Care Range:



The first cosmeceutical range ever devised and designed exclusively for men’s skin.

A targeted, anti-aging solution that uses only powerful, natural, active ingredients including a carefully selected combination of peptide and amino acids, bio-available nutrients and intelligent proteins.

Advanced Derma Care
Gentlemen’s Tonic Advanced Derma Care Products are free from:
  • Parabens
  • Petroleum Derivatives,
  • Artificial colours
  • Animal Extracts
  • Synthetic Perfumes
  • TEA’s/ DEA’s
  • Harmful Chemical Additives
  • Sodium Lauryl/ Laureth.