Joli360 Analyser


The JÓLI360™ analyser enables the measurement of three basic skin-status indicators: Hydration, Elasticity, and Sebum.

Each of these measurements should be performed at least once a month to let you follow-up on customer progress, and provide a fully personalized treatment program.

Hydration Measurement

The hydration measurement technology is based on
a capacitance measurement method that translates capacitance changes of the facial skin into values. The recommended method of treatment will be based on
the skin’s optimal hydration level along with follow-up treatments.

Elasticity Measurement

The elasticity measurement evaluates facial skin elasticity based on a controlled optical bench, integrated with a vacuum system. The result is facial skin elasticity information, which enables personalized follow-up treatment.

Sebum Measurement

JÓLI360™ patented sebum measurement technology uses an optical system on the upper skin layer to measure facial skin sebum changes, so that the correct method of treatment can be used.