G.T Shaving



Savile Row Razor

Three razors in the range; Horn, Ebony, Ivory.

GT4002 Pre Shave OilBox

Pre-Shave Oil

Prepares, soothes and protects the skin prior to shaving. It softens the hair, giving an extremely close and comfortable shave. Can be used underneath shaving cream/lather to prevent dryness of skin.

GT5002 Traditional Shave Cream high res

Traditional Shave Cream

Rich moisturising lather that softens whiskers and skin, allowing a smooth and comfortable shave. Can be applied with a brush or fingers.

GT5001 Classic Shave Cream

Classic Shave Cream

Soothes, softens and protects skin, giving the ability for a close and comfortable shave. Creams give a much more comfortable shave than gels, which tend to irritate and dry the skin.

GT6002 Aftershave balm

Soothing Aftershave Balm

Helps restore skin’s natural moisture levels and rejuvenates freshly shaved skin. Suitable for all skin types.