Jóli360 Brand Profile




Introducing today’s most advanced IoT-based skin rejuvenation system

JÓLI360™ is an innovative skincare solution that lets contemporary beauticians enjoy the ultimate connection.

Bringing together cutting-edge technologies and formulations, along with a customised approach and the significant advantages of IoT, JÓLI360™ is the gateway to updated cosmetic treatments.

An app-based tablet solution, this compact and portable system boosts your clinic’s capabilities, and positions you at the forefront of the professional world of beauty. JÓLI360™ places control and flexibility in your hands, while offering an enhanced ROI – quickly and easily.

Sophisticated, Simple, Safe

JÓLI360™ combines multiple capabilities;three for treatments and three for measurements, each working to provide optimal, visible results. Clinically tested and proven, the system is designed to interrupt treatment whenever the applicator leaves the skin’s surface, ensuring ultimate safety – always.

Wireless and always at hand, JÓLI360™ is a value-driving, innovative breakthrough in professional beauty aesthetics, taking beauticians to a whole new level. Its powerful combination of advanced treatment options leads to younger, tighter, and visibly better looking skin. Working from your tablet, anywhere and anytime, this is truly the next generation of beauty care.

  • Combined Treatments: LLLT, RF & ELP
  • Skin Measurements: Hydration, Elasticity & Sebum
  • Customized Treatment Program
  • Data Driven: Monitoring & Follow-up
  • Introductory Cosmetic Kit
  • Swiss-formulated Cosmetics
  • Clinically Proven Safety
  • Compact and Portable
  • CE Compliant; IEC60601 Safety series, IEC60825
  • Laser safety and classification (1c), IEC62304 SW lifecycle,
  • EN301489 EMC, HIPPA & GDPR compliance