Advanced Skincare – Gentlemen’s Tonic

Gentlemen’s Tonic Advanced Derma Care Range

Hydro Fresh Cleanser


Hydro Fresh Cream Cleanser

A gentle and uplifting cleanser, rich in amino acids and essential oil extracts. It removes impurities, maintains the natural moisture levels without stripping away the skins natural oils, leaving the skin hydrated and clear.

Time Control


Time Control Solution

Using the latest peptide technology this anti-ageing serum contains powerful antioxidants that fight against free radicals, help increase collagen production and hydrate the skin.


Brightening Serum


Brightening Serum

This effective anti-oxidant serum lightens, brightens and targets unwanted pigmentation. Its advanced formula contains Vitamin C that helps  to improve the overall complexion, reduces early signs of ageing and promotes the skins circulation.


Hero Peptide Serum


Hero Peptide Serum

Highly concentrated serum that instantly minimises the appearance of fine lines and reduces the depth of wrinkles due to using a natural skin firming agent.



Power Packed Nourishing Moisturiser

This dual actions, deeply nourishing and firming moisturiser helps to protect against severe dehydration. Will help to lift, tighten and improve the skins appearance dramatically.

Revitalising Eye Cream


Revitalise Eye Cream

Rich in various bioactive components such as vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants this triple action strength eye cream will help fight against the presence of dark circles and puffiness by stimulating circulation. It smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, leaving them looking brighter and more refreshed.