Brand Profile

About ILCSI:

Why did we choose Ilcsi to lead our organic offering?

The answer is quite simple Ilcsi is a pure 100% organic brand from Hungary, carrying international certification bodies such as 9BDIH, ECOCERT, COSMEBIO, ICEA, Soil Association) all of this been unpinned by the Oko Garancia certification of Ilcsi own 20acre organic plantation, those plants that are not harvested from there are wild harvested by hand.

This truly remarkable range is hand-picked, hand processed and made to order to provide you the clinic and your customers the freshest most potent ingredients available in nature.  It has more than 60 years of experience and proven results in providing skincare products.

Iona Molnar was the founder of this cult brand and was an enthusiastic collector of herbs and flowers mastering how to use these plants and flowers in her skincare by a verbal transference of knowledge from generations of herbalist women and healers, many of the products than she created are still be used today and the knowledge she passed down has become the backbone of creating new formulas.

Aunt Ilcsi, perhaps the last truly holistic master cosmetician of our age.  Sadly, she is longer with us, but her legacy lives on through her family owned and run company.  The mission of this company is to be honest about ingredients, keeping up with the current trends, providing only quality products with high concentrated ingredients, custom-fit skincare routines, works in harmony with modern machine modalities and last be by no means the least, responsible for the world we live in and for those that will come next.