Anti-Ageing Range Description

The SkinMTX anti-ageing range includes a professional treatment and home-care products for the treatment of premature ageing and mature clients that have already seen significant changes in their skin.

The antiageing range is based on telomerase, Hyaluronic acid in three different molecular weights, Sea Caviar, and a number of products in the homecare range containing Acetyl -hexapeptide-8 sometime referred to as botox in a bottle but without the toxin and needles.

As a summary SkinMTX are activating the 5 R’s for youthful skin

  1. Reinforces and protects DNA structural integrity by awaking Telomerase activity and maintaining the length of the telomeres
  2. Rebuilds volume in the skins framework by stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis
  3. Redensifies skin from within by promoting cell growth and proliferation
  4. Retards skin maturation by increasing the skin ability to resist oxidative stress
  5. Replenishes hydration levels by strengthening the skins barrier and avoid TEWL