Bodyshock Range Summary


The ultimate treatment for 6 specific areas

Treatment that is 100% adaptable to your needs and that acts on 6 strategic areas of your body: legs, abdomen, and sides, buttocks, arms, double chin and breasts.

Scientific innovation is capable of modeling the patient’s silhouette thanks to the ultra-concentrated active ingredients used in bodyshock body products, which address the most characteristic aesthetic conditions affecting body contour.


It acts on six strategic areas of the body:

  1. Double Chin: signs of sagging due to excess fatty tissue
  2. Breasts: loss of tone and elasticity due to changes in hormone levels, breastfeedings or the passage of time, resulting in loss of firmness.
  3. Arms: Loss of firmness causing tissue sagging
  4. Abdomen and sides: loss of tissue firmness and localized fat accumulation on both front and side regions.
  5. Buttocks: Loss of firmness and signs of sagging
  6. Legs: Tendency to retain fluids and fat nodules, causing the so-called “orange peel”. Effect.