aox ferulic

AOX Ferulic

Advanced antioxidant concentrate that protects the skin against daily aggressions (solar radiation, contamination, stress, HEV etc), to counteract aging and boost skin radiance. The active ingredients of ferulic acid a cellular antioxidant to protect the fibroblasts, Vitamin C as an antioxidant and collagen booster with the addition of Protech-cell Complex a potent antioxidant to boost protection against IR, HEV radiation.


ha densimatrix

HA Densematrix

An innovative concentration of hyaluronic acid in several molecular forms to ensure its presence in key layers of the skin. HA Densematrix complex uses cross linked high middle and low weight HA to ensure it meets every layer of the skin. Combined with this, this product is an Anti-hyaluronidase complex that protects from HA degradation by blocking the oxidant caused by external aggressions. Also with these powerful hydrating ingredients is Anti Aging pro complex which promotes collagen and elastin synthesis. This water-gel texture is suitable for all types and ages to fight dehydration and the visible signs of ageing.